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The BluxCosmetics company was estabilished in 1992, primarily as a merchant enterprise specialising in car care chemistry. Nowadays, we are one of the major manufacturers of household cleaners, car care itmems and cosmetics in Poland. In 1998, after taking over the chemical plant in Trzciana near Rzeszów, the BluxCosmetics company started, and has been ever since succesfully developing the production and distribution of household, car care and cosmetic products.

We offer over 150 products, which we export to more than twenty countries worldwide. On the Polish market we supply to the major supermarket chains including Auchan, Carrefour, L.Leclerc, Netto, Rossman. We offer products under our brand names Blux, BiLo, Naturaphy, Auto Lider and also under private labels of our distributors. Our products are proced very competitively, are of good quality and feature on attractive design.

Our mission is to gain and support on continuous basis a growing number of satisfied customers who share our profit; and to maintain a stable market position as a considerable, professional and trustworthy manufacturer of personal care cosmetics and household cleaners which are popular in the European Union and worldwide

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